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Most important facts in our candidate application process

To get to know each other well, the application process may consist of several stages, including telephone and in-person interviews as well as professional exams. We strive to process applications quickly and provide feedback and/or a decision within two weeks after the interview. We attach great importance to long-term cooperation and base our decision very much on this aspect. Contact Ms. Lohwasser at to inquire about your application status.

Our candidates should have a high level of technical affinity and be interested in current developments in the fields of mobility and digitalization in different industries. In terms of social skills we especially value high commitment, self-responsibility, team-oriented working methods very good command of English and good knowledge of German.

Yes, we very much appreciate this initiative. For further information please see “Which documents are required for application”.

Please send us your complete application documents (curriculum vitae and certificates), including a meaningful cover letter which outlines how you imagine your dream job and how much technology this job might include. You can also review our core areas and select those of particular interest for you, as well as provide us information on specific industries that are appealing to you. Early information on the work permit and visa also speed up your application process.

We also welcome unsolicited applications.

It will suffice for you to apply for one of the jobs. You are welcome to note in the cover letter that you are also interested in other jobs. Please indicate the corresponding reference number (s. our job vacancies). We examine each individual application and consider whether the candidate could possibly fit into another job.

Yes, we provide a monthly allowance for our students. The amount depends primarily on your level of knowledge and personal experience, as well as on the already completed semesters or on former training content.

We recognize that for personal reasons, an employee may wish to transfer to a different location. It is our hope that such a change would benefit our employees by allowing them to build relationships with new customers and broaden their knowledge base and expertise.

Yes. Included in the invitation to the interview will be a reimbursement form which can be completed by e-mail. Instructions will be included on how to calculate the amount of the refund.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer internships abroad. In order to work with our subsidiaries worldwide, you need intensive training in the parent company in Germany. A stay abroad is therefore possible at a later date.

Yes. Please send us your topic and the time frame when you are considering it. We then check feasibility and implementation.

It depends on the requirements of your university / college what the set timeframe is. As a rule, the duration of a thesis is between three and six months.

No, we do not offer trainee programs. In most cases new colleagues start permanent employment in their core area. They evolve constantly by taking over new project tasks and/or working for different clients.

At Pixida, the focus is on the employee (resource-based view). All Pixida colleagues are involved in the choice of project theme and location. Therefore, everyone works wherever she/he prefers to work. As part of a project, workshops or meetings may be scheduled at a different location, so we do request flexibility.

We attach great importance to high-quality further education, in the best case with certificate completion to promote further development of the employees as well as the possibilities of employment in corresponding task areas. We currently offer training in three areas: social, technical and methodological competence as well as language courses as needed.

For further inquiries please contact Maria Lohwasser.